A pet project of a close friend, The Glossery acts as a social community of makeup users for thousands of readily available beauty products. With a lack of advertisements and emphasis on unbiased reviews, The Glossery serves as a pocket beauty expert that helps you make an informed decision without promising to make you look like a celebrity. My main responsibility was branding and the look-and-feel, but I did have some input on the development of the inaugural launch of the site.



The Glossery is the opposite of a Cover Girl. Funky, but classy. Messy, but minimal. Slouchy, but sophisticated. The Glossery includes all guests with no preference to gender, race or age.  



Aiming at a simple, but clean word mark, varying degrees of letter-forms were considered. We reviewed options from bold and funky sans-serifs, to elegant and classic serif faces.



The following directions were reached after an exploration phase. A secondary mark of the letter "G" in a speech bubble conceptualized the platform of The Glossery as that of a review forum of thousands of products.  



In this phase, the initial typeface was tweaked, reducing thick and thins of the letterforms as well as rebuilding the letter "S". The challenge of this route was whether the mark was read as "G Lossery" or "Glossery."

One advantage of this route was that it gave more personality to the brand and more direct association tied to the makeup industry with the use of illustrated lips. However, this route was a bit too eclectic for the current market of makeup brands. 

The final logo type is simple and centered, yet still stands out amongst the competition. The accompanying secondary mark is easily adaptable to alternative closeup photos of makeup textures.



I was brought on to the web development phase after user-flow and basic wireframes were already created. A few competitors' sites were studied for organization and emphasis on user reviews. After the comparative analysis we found that highlighting links directly to reviews was most important.



My contribution was to style the site with appropriate fonts and colors. Most of the challenge was to simplify and declutter what had initially been created. One suggestion I had was outline the most recent reviews section on the home page with bold line drawing attention to a two column container, rather than having it float in a two-column space. Another suggestion I posed was to reorganize the review page navigation. This suggestion was actually turned down because of a limit to programming. 



Since launch, we have been tasked with testing the site with users. So far we've sent out invitations to join The Glossery community and have received positive feedback. The design process will continue during the life of the site, but is essentially at a halt now as the site gains traction with visitors. After a increase in members, we will review the content, user experience and any additional feedback we encounter.