In May of 2013, I made my professional dance debut with the Chaddick Dance Theater in Austin. As well as performing in the piece, I called upon to design the promotional materials for the show. This is an example of a flyer I designed for the company, one of a set of print materials created for the performances.



Both posters shown below were curated for Austin City Limits Live concert tapings. These posters were commissioned to Arts & Rec and handed directly to me to execute. Our home press set-up at the studio requires some serious elbow grease, but the qualities of the step-by-step printing operation translate into handsome textured prints that are genuinely one of a kind products. Video of the printing process here. Get yourself a print here.


The term 'vinyasa' (vin-YAAH-sa) comes from the Sanskrit yoga term meaning 'to place in a certain way' and refers to the practice of connecting movements. The Vinyasa Hammock is not intended for yoga use, but meant for adjusting to your particular pose of choice. This hammock adapts to a sitting and a laying pose with a simple adjustment of side straps. The hammock comes pre-attached to a bag to provide portability along with room for a book, water bottle and wallet. Take the Vinyasa Hammock with you on visits to the park, weekend getaways, or simply set it up in the backyard. 


The Arts & Rec crew was tasked with and successfully conceptualized, designed and painted this 20-foot sign to raise awareness for public transportation. There wasn’t a single voice that held the trump card for this project. Each designer chipped in until we came to an agreement on tone and layout. We also had plenty of help during the painting process, though we may have ruined a few pairs of pants and shoes along the way. See a special news feature of this project here.


In a successful father-daughter collaboration, the Houston Community College Monday Night Big Band received a stunning album cover for their first official recording. My father rendered the cover graphic and I laid out the back text. The cover plays homage to the classic Route 66 hotels that we'd see on family road trips.