Once a struggling photo development store turned coffee shop, Fresa’s now offers wood-grilled Mexican cuisine to-go in downtown Austin. The combination of a convenient walk-up window and drive thru system allows the restaurant to quickly serve customers complete chicken meals outfitted with traditional Mexican sides and desserts. I worked within the custom illustration, typography and color structures developed by Fresa’s, while concurrently creating designs to liven up the business’ website, menus, promotional materials and a host of smaller tasks associated with their brand. Though Fresa’s began as a modestly sized project, it grew to demand the lion’s share of my design and managerial attention after a boom in popularity led to a new sit-down location currently open for business.

Fresa's Front View


Fresa's leaves no detail untouched and requires multi-faceted menu designs. Walk-up windows are hand-painted, handheld menus printed spot-color offset on cardstock, and drive-thru menus rendered in full-color directly to outdoor-grade MDO plywood. The drive-thru experience required specialized research to account for specific layout, positioning, and message pacing in relation to vehicular customers.

Fresa's Window Detail
Fresa's Drive Thru Close
Fresa's Drive Thru Menu


The use of stickers and stamps was incorporated with a modular system focused on individual product identities. Square stickers for tortas, rectangular stickers for tacos and circular stamps for ice cream help employees differentiate menu items. This allows us to keep up with the fast pace of a walk-up/drive-thru restaurant. Stickers and stamps are highly durable and can be quickly restocked.



Limited-time-only items are added to the menu every month, which make reference to themes such as sporting events, national holidays and seasonal menu items. Each promotion gets individual design attention and print materials. Opting for traditional printing methods, we decided against a typical high-gloss approach and went for matte finishes, hand touches, and the occasional quirky shape.



We screen-printed coin envelopes as an additional wow-factor to house the restaurant’s gift cards. Free food is always a crowd pleaser, and it’s worth the extra effort in presentation to build on the anticipation of the gift. We also provide item-specific giveaways printed on 3x5 inch coupons with designs inspired by the food.



Fresa's needed something concise and clear. Customers have access to all information on a single page.
The restaurant’s menu, hours and phone number are all featured prominently so they are easy to find for new customers.